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Combics 2 Digital Weight Indicator

Combics 2 Digital Weight Indicator

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The more advanced Combics 2 indicator incorporates several application programs to support handling and processing in addition to simple weighing functions. Easy-to-operate, this indicator is optimized for easy cleaning with optional IP ratings of either IP69K or IP44.Product data memory can store up to 100 entries and keypad lock and password protection keep data secure. Advanced weighing functions include neutral measurement which measures length, surface, and volume of parts of equal weight, and averaging which averages a number of subweighing operations to calculate a final value. More advanced features and combination of these features give the Combics 2 indicator almost limitless potential for a variety of operations and applications.


  • Animal Weighing

  • Counting

  • Checkweighing

  • Percentage Weighing

  • Totalizing

  • Neutral Measurement

  • Classification

  • Net Total Formulation


  • Choice of IP protection rating (IP44, IP69K)

  • Amber backlit LCD display, 0.8 in, 13-segment

  • External calibration routine

  • RS-232C

  • On/Off, Zero, Tare, Print/Data Keys

  • Function keys for: Gross/net toggle; three-way unit toggle; 10X higher resolution toggle

  • Numeric keypad with two IDs for entering identifier codes and preset tare

  • Info key for quick and easy display of tare input and ID codes

  • Date/time fully integrated

  • GMP compliant printable record

  • NICE Label Express FlexiPrint compatible

  • Platform toggling and four function keys

  • Three built-in LED checkweighing lights

  • Bar graph weighing range indicator

  • Application data and totalization memory stored in battery-backed RAM

  • Optional barcode scanner for preset tare, reference weight and ID entry

  • Stored customer-specific data records

  • Optional two scale connections, analog or digital


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