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8550 Portable Stretcher Scale

8550 Portable Stretcher Scale

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DETECTO’s Stretcher Scale is ideal for emergency arrivals into a hospital when time is of the essence for gathering patient weights. The DETECTO model 8550 with column display can be used in the ER, dialysis, long-term care, and nursing homes. The spacious 60 in W x 32.5 in D/1,524 mm W x 826 mm D platform size accommodates all common stretcher types. DETECTO’s Stretcher Scale is engineered and manufactured at a light enough weight that it is easily portable to lift up and roll by nursing professionals. The model 8550 is 130 lb/59 kg net weight and the slim profile scale design fits easily through doorways of nearly any size. The scale’s relatively low net weight, wheels, and guide handles all combine to make it easy to maneuver. It’s easy to quickly slide the release lever and fold down the 8550’s easy-collapsible column for transport. The Stretcher Scale offers precision weighing for patients in stretchers, gurneys, or wheelchairs. The steel construction provides optimal durability that is built to last. The MedVue® indicator’s Hold/Release key can hold the patient’s weight after leaving the scale for better patient care. The scale features a 1,000 lb x 0.2 lb/450 kg x 0.1 kg capacity with clinical-grade accuracy. The scale comes with Units locking into Kilograms or Pounds to lock-in the weight measurement type and ensure there are no dosing errors due to units conversion. It is mobile for use in multiple clinical departments. Models with Wi-Fi/Bluetooth are available for wireless EMR/EHR connectivity. DETECTO’s Stretcher Scale has a 2-inch-high, low-profile platform with textured mat surface. The two-way-access ramps rest on the floor making it easy to roll patients onto the scale platform. The single-pass weighing feature saves time by allowing you to enter the stretcher or wheelchair tare weight using the numeric keypad on the indicator. You may also use the convenient pushbutton tare feature to remove the stretcher or wheelchair weight if you don’t know the weight already. The model 8550 comes with a column stand built-in for the MedVue® weight indicator. An optional yellow guide rail kit is available for the 8500/8550 (8500-GUIDERAILS).


  • Spacious platform accommodates all common stretcher types

  • Units locking into Kilograms or Pounds

  • Wi-Fi / Bluetooth models available for wireless EMR/EHR connectivity

  • Models available with AC adapter included

  • Available with or without column for weight indicator (model 8500 without column; model 8550 with column)

  • High-capacity digital scale for stretchers and wheelchairs

  • Two integral wheels and guide handles for mobility

  • 1,000 lb x 0.2 lb / 450 kg x 0.1 kg capacity

  • Spacious 60 in W x 32.5 in D / 1,524 mm W x 826 mm D platform size

  • Two integrated ramps included for easy access

  • Steel construction for optimal durability

  • Hold/Release key to hold weight after leaving the scale for better patient care

  • Mobile for use in multiple clinical departments


Capacity: 1,000 lb x 0.2 lb / 450 kg x 0.1 kg
LCD Display Dimensions:
3.5 in W x 3 in H / 89 mm W x 76 mm H backlit blue LCD
Display: 5 digit, 7 segment, 7/8 inch (22 mm) high LCD weight digits
Resolution: 5,000 divisions, max.
19 key, color-coded, sealed membrane
Tare, Net/Gross, Hold/Release, Zero, metric conversion, ID storage, Height entry for Body Mass Index calculation, and printer output
Optional model MV1PWR AC adapter or 6 C batteries (not included). Models are offered with AC adapter by adding -AC suffix to model number.
Battery Life:
7,560 weighments (with backlight fully ON) 10,620 weighments (with backlight fully OFF)
RS232 serial, USB standard. Models are available with Wi-Fi/Bluetooth for wireless EMR/EHR connectivity.
Mounting Bracket: 350-degree indicator swivel mounting bracket included
Operating Temperature:
14 to 104 ºF / -10 to +40 ºC
Construction: Mild steel
Two ramps (assembly required)
Overall Dimensions: 76 in W x 38 in D x 44.8 in H / 1,930 mm W x 965 mm D x 1,138 mm H
Platform Dimensions: 60 in W x 32.5 in D x 2 in H / 1,524 mm W x 826 mm D x 51 mm H
Ramp Dimensions: 7.5 in W x 32.5 in D x 2 in H / 191 mm W x 826 mm D x 51 mm H
Optional Guide Rail Dimensions: 24 in W x .1 in D x 3.3 in H / 610 mm W x 3 mm D x 83 mm H (2 short rails per scale) and 27 in W x .1 in D x 3.3 in H / 686 mm W x 3 mm D x 83 mm H (2 long rails per scale)
Net Weight: 130 lb / 59 kg
Shipping Weight: 215 lb / 98 kg (including pallet)
Shipping Dimensions: 65 in L x 41 in W x 14 in H / 165 cm L x 104 cm W x 36 cm H
Country of Origin: USA
UPC Codes:
8550: 809161305104 / 8550-C: 809161327205

8500-GUIDERAILS: Guide rail kit painted yellow for models 8500/8550 (includes wheel side and handle side)
MV1PWR: Medical-grade AC adapter power supply with US plug
MVWIFI: Wireless option card
MVIP: Wired Ethernet interface option

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