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7500 & 7600 Scale Indicator

7500 & 7600 Scale Indicator

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Flexible, Easy to Use, Accurate

Outstanding flexibility and performance with many standard features; ideal universal replacement indicators for whatever you weigh or count. Technician-friendly set-up and Sustained Accuracy™ make these ideal for new installations or field replacement using existing platforms or load cells. Wide range of standard optional features.

Ship pre-matched when ordered with any Pennsylvania base or platform. Whatever you count or weigh, a new, technologically-advanced 7500 or 7600 series digital weight indicator will exceed your expectations.

  • AC/DC Power Option

  • System connectivity

  • HD Industrial enclosure

  • Made in USA


  • SS enclosure and U-bracket mount

  • Technician’s dream indicator, fast set-up

  • Fully compatible with existing load cell platforms and systems

  • One button counting

  • Automatic Sample Update™ for superb results

  • Powerful 16-bit microprocessor for speed and accuracy

  • Audit Trail accountability feature/front panel access

  • Off-the-shelf flexibility for a wide range of applications

  • Count or weight setpoints for sequential batching (7600)

  • Ethernet, Analog 1-10 VDC/4-20 mA, relay output options

  • Exclusive Four-Year Limited Warranty outperforms the competition


Practical Technology Breakthrough

  • 16,777,216 INTERNAL COUNTS + 60 Updates/Second

  • PLUS+ Series universal main board for direct interchange

  • Calibration protected by Access Code to prevent unauthorized access

  • True HD power cord for industrial applications

  • Quick disconnect OR sealed cable entry for load cell wiring

  • Part of a family of indicators designed for batching, heavy capacity, weight or count

System Data Communications

Programmable addressable RS-232
Option Analog Output 0-10 VDC or 4-20 mA jumper selected
Option Solid State Relays (AC or specify DC) for batching (7600)
Option REMOTE DISPLAY with or without button functions, menu selected as Master or Slave via RS-232
Option UPS Worldship, FedEx, and other emulated strings, option setting
Programmable data string, option setting
Label printing, option settings for Eltron/Zebra label printers
Time/Date (7600) optional 7500

Technical Specifications

System-friendly design for integrated applications
Display: Red 0.56″ high intensity LED
Impedance 87-2000 Ohms, Sensitivity 0.1 microvolt/grad; Excitation 5 VDC 140ma (optional 240ma)

Physical Dimensions

9″w x 6.44″h x 4″d without U-bracket
11″w x 7″h x 4″d on U-bracket stand with knobs (allow 1″ space behind for cable fittings)
Optional Panel Mount (contact factory) or uncased versions


National Type Evaluation Program, NTEP: 97-009A31 to 10,000 divisions
Canadian Weights & Measures: AM-5647 4869, Rev. 3


The parts and components of this Pennsylvania Scale product are warranted for four years from date of retail delivery against defects in materials or workmanship, subject to the terms and conditions of our standard warranty.

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