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7400, 7500 & 7600 EXP Scale Indicators

7400, 7500 & 7600 EXP Scale Indicators

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Powerful and Compact

Innovative features at an attractive new price point either as a stand-alone weighing system or part of a DIMENSIONAL, MANIFEST, DATA COLLECTION, or WEIGHING/COUNTING SYSTEM. USB for both power and data eliminates the power cord and provides a wide range of power options (optional) from the open market such as car chargers, vehicle power, USB power hubs, battery packs for portability, solar and more. Ideal for portable RENTAL SCALES, data collection, field testing, medical, scientific, and other remote installations where power is unreliable or not available.


  • High intensity RED LED display, 0.56″

  • Die cast aluminum compact enclosure

  • SS U-bracket for desk or wall mount

  • Common software features from PLUS+ Series

  • USB for both power and data (USB 1.0 or higher)

  • Programmable RS-232 standard

  • Standard AC adaptor, 8′ cable

  • Power Options:
    – Portability with USB power pack
    – Open source power: vehicle, solar, laptop, desktop computers
    – 24-bit delta sigma load cell A-to-D converter

  • Powers up to (8) 350 ohm load cells or (10) 1,000 ohm load cells

  • 16 million internal counts for high resolution counting

  • Fully programmable in (2) units of measure – default lb/kg or user specified PRIMARY and SECONDARY weighing units

  • Audit Trail feature + Password protection for metrological settings

  • Filter options and averaging + simple field calibration

  • NTEP to 10,000 divisions

  • Free factory matching to any Pennsylvania Scale base or platform

  • (7400EXP) 10 point linearization

  • (7500EXP) Simplified operation in (2) user programmable weight units + COUNT feature

  • (7600EXP) Expanded features, full keyboard entry of Tare Weight, APW, Sample Quantity (plus 4 pre-set sample sizes) and operational options




  • Truck and heavy capacity weighing

  • Platform scales

  • Package manifest shipping systems (standard default settings) UPS Worldship™, FedEX, DHL, and other output emulation for plug-and-play integration

  • Field testing, mobile weighing, data collection – weigh or count

  • Rental scales for short term use

  • Medical

  • Airline Baggage

  • Permanent, portable, or temporary installations

  • Custom OEM products

Standard Features — All Models

  • Die cast enclosure w/SS U-bracket for wall or shelf

  • USB power — HD cabling and AC adaptor

  • 0.56” red high intensity display w/annunciators

  • Technician friendly — Runs same software as our PLUS+ Series

  • 16 million internal counts for high precision counting

  • USB data or programmable output via RS-232

  • PLUS+ Series components in new efficient, compact size

  • 10-point linearization (7400 EXP)

  • Access code protects metrological settings + Audit trail feature

  • Keyboard calibration


  • 24 bit delta sigma load cell A/D converter

  • Sensitivity: 0.1 uV/graduation

  • Excitation: 5 VDC, 120 mA max

  • Up to (8) 350 ohm load cells or (10) @ 1000 ohms

  • High intensity 0.56″ red LED display (6) digits w/annunciators

  • Weight in 2 user-selected units of measure + COUNT feature

  • Quick disconnect for standard CPC mating connector OR hard wire to terminal strip via Heyco fitting

  • Factory matching to any Pennsylvania platform

  • Power: 5 V, 1 A via USB input — cable and AC power

  • 8′ HD USB cable and 100–240 V switching adaptor includedOPTION USB vehicle 12 VDC vehicle cell phone power source
    OPTION USB laptop or portable device
    OPTION USB power bank for portability
    OPTION USB power bank w/solar charging

Enclosure: Black powder coat aluminum die casting

  • With U-bracket and knobs installed: 9 x 4 x 3.25” inches (23 x 11 x 7 cm)

  • Enclosure only, set up as turret mount (no wall bracket or knobs): 7.3 x 3.9 x 3.25” inches (18.5 x 10 x 7 cm)


The parts and components of these Pennsylvania Scale Company products are warranted for ONE YEAR from the date of retail delivery against defects and materials and workmanship, subject to the terms and conditions of our standard Warranty.


  • 7400 EXP: Weight-only indicator ideal for high capacity applications in lbs/kgs.

  • 7500 EXP: Super high precision with 16 million internal counts for parts counting(2) Programmable units of measure + count mode
    Single or 1-button sampling (select)
    4 fixed sample sizes or easily customized
    Auto Sample Update™ feature for accuracy enhancement

  • 7600 EXP: Adds keyboard for Tare or APW entryDisplays Average piece weight or weight/thousand pieces
    %-Error or %-Accuracy sampling guide (setting)
    Single or 2-step sampling
    Key in any sample quantity plus (4) preset sample sizes


  • Custom software specific to application — contact factory

  • Custom packaging or flush mounts — contact factory

  • Turret mount options — easily configured



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