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421 Light Capacity Belt Scale

421 Light Capacity Belt Scale

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The 421 belt scale weigh frame is specifically designed for high volume, low density applications where belt load and belt speed are moderate. This model is also available for hazardous, explosive areas, suitable for ATEX categories II2D and II3D (zone 21 and 22). Two BM11 bending beam, hermetically sealed load cells are mounted on adjusting plates on the outside of the conveyor stringers to create a stable base. A precision weigh roller is tensionlessly mounted directly on the load cells.


  • Ideal for flat belt conveyors

  • Roller supported on both sides by load cells

  • Open design for easy cleaning


  • Light capacity, food production and light granular materials


Conveyor Width:
12 in to 60 in (300 mm to 1,600 mm)

30 tons per hour

Belt Speed:
400 feet per minute (2 m/s)

10 degrees

Powder coated mild steel / 304 / 316 stainless steel

Accuracy Systems:
0.5 %

Load Cell:
RL9018SS single ended beam in 10, 20 or 50 kg capacities

One-year limited warranty

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