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MotoWeigh® Cascade Scale

MotoWeigh® Cascade Scale

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MotoWeigh® Cascade Scale

The Motoweigh® Cascade Scale in-motion gravity drop checkweigher offers increased efficiency, as well as product consistency in a compact package. Ideal for checkweighing small part kits that do not register well on a standard conveyor scale, the Cascade Scale can be incorporated to decrease product returns and shorted product by ensuring all parts are present and containers are not packed with extra components.

The Cascade Scale is a cost effective solution for applications looking to automate their production line. Conveyor belt transitions are not a problem with the Cascade Scale. The unique design prevents parts from falling off the conveyor, making it easy to process small parts kits. This drop checkweighing system is extremely precise at 0.2 gram accuracy and can process up to 45 products per minute. The compact size also makes it easy to integrate into preexisting conveyor lines.

The Cascade Scale’s standard mild steel, anti-static powder-coated frame is built to handle in-motion applications while reducing static build-up. Pair with Rice Lake’s 920i® indicator and see the results this power-packed system delivers.



  • Single part drop detection (part outside of the bag)

  • Statistical information

  • Store up to 500 different products


  • Mild steel construction

  • Electrostatic dissipative powder coating

  • 920i® wall mount

  • Air regulator

  • Bimba® air cylinders

  • MAC® solenoid valves


  • SST construction

  • LED communication tower

  • Audible alarm

  • Draft shield


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