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P240 Label Printer

P240 Label Printer

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P240 Label Printer

The P240 high quality direct thermal printers are perfect for labeling, featuring a flip-up print head for easy media loading or cleaning, and produces high quality characters at 203 dots per inch. The P240 has a print width of 4 inches and a print speed of up to 4-inches per second. Interfacing to Cardinal’s indicators via a RS232 serial port, they can print lines, boxes and graphics. If you require a high quality thermal printer, this model is your answer. Standard serial printer cable provided.


  • 1 RS232 Serial Port

  • 203 Dots Per Inch

  • Print Width of 4 Inches

  • Standard Serial Printer Cable Provided


Print Speed: 4 in per second
Print Width: 4 in
Resolution: 230 dpi
Cable: provided

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