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SB250 – 2.6-in LED

SB250 – 2.6-in LED

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SB250 – 2.6-in LED

Cardinal’s SB250, with its 2.6-inch/66 mm high-intensity LED display capable of displaying 5 x 7 alphanumeric upper and lowercase characters, is enclosed in a mild steel outdoor enclosure with rain guard. Features include a 200-foot, wide-angle viewing range, bi-directional RS232 serial port, brightness control, low power circuitry, mounting tabs and annunciators of lb, kg, T, t, G and N. The interface can autolearn most serial protocols. One custom protocol can be entered into the unit. The interface is configurable for serial data input, and also has the connectivity options of fiber optic and ethernet.


  • 2.6-in-high LED Display

  • Alpha Display of Units

  • Brightness Controls Via Ambient Light Sensor

  • Daisy Chain Multiple Units

  • IP65 Protection Class

  • Message Board Capabilities Are Standard

  • Wide-Angle Long-Range Viewing


Character Height: 2.6 in / 66 mm
Character Type: 5 x 7 with descenders and decimal points
Annunciators: lb, kg, T, t, G, N (if output from indicator)
Ambient Light Levels: total darkness to direct sun
Power Input: 115/230 VAC 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption: 60 watts, maximum
Interface: 20 mA, active or passive, RS232, RS422/485, fiber optic, ethernet
Display Capacity: -99999 to 999999
Enclosure Rating: IP65
Enclosure Construction: painted mild steel
Viewing Angle: +/- 70 degress
Viewing Range: 200
Ambient Temp.: -15 to +130 degrees F
Ambient Humidity: 5 to 100 percent
Character Format: all standard ASCII characters

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