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Tape Printer Paper Supplies

Tape Printer Paper Supplies

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Tape printer paper supplies available in one- or two-ply paper roll.


IDS-150A, IDS-152, IDS-160, TM-U200, TM-300, and Citizen® CBM-750:

  • One-ply paper roll (W x L): 3 in x 150 ft (76.2 mm x 45.7 m)

  • Two-ply paper roll (W x L): 3 in x 90 ft (76.2 mm x 27.4 m)

Citizen® iDP-3111:

  • One-ply paper roll (W): 2.25 in (57.1 mm)


  • One- and two-ply paper roll (W x L): 3 in x 3 ft (76.2 mm x 0.9 m)

  • One-ply thermal paper roll (W x L): 3.125 in x 3.25 ft (76.2 mm x 0.99 m), 8 in roll dia.


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