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PFS SS Portable Floor Scale

PFS SS Portable Floor Scale

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Convenient, Rugged, Reliable

Choose either stainless steel or painted steel, the result is the same - a rugged, portable floor scale that is easily moved to where you need it.


Washdown Safe Workhorse
This floor scale is constructed of heavy gauge tubular stainless steel and features a 24" x 24" platter for plenty of weighing surface. Customize this portable floor scale with your choice of seven different digital weight indicators. From the basic 7000XL digital weight indicator to the intrinsically safe 8000IS indicator, chances are good we have a digital weight indicator to match your specific weighing application.

Outstanding Durability & Reliability
A side load and vertical load protection system using rubber shock mounts prevents load cell sensor damage from impact and overloading. The sturdy, welded tube mild steel frame of the base is designed to withstand the use and abuse of extreme industrial applications. An advanced electronic design prevents damage caused by electrostatic discharge.


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