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Ishida Uni-9 Series PC Scale

Ishida Uni-9 Series PC Scale

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Feast Your Eyes on the Uni-9 Series

The Uni-9 Series delivers the gourmet experience in retail weighing and wrapping through a large, vivid display and advanced communication all in a more compact design.

Modern Retail Settings Want More Functionality in Less Space

Retailers will appreciate the Uni-9’s compact design that fits nicely on virtually any size counter, occupying a very small footprint. This PC-based touchscreen scale is available with a seven- or 12-inch LED backlit customer display for stunning promotional images and videos. The PC-based technology together with a crystal-sharp LED display provide more marketing capabilities such as video with sound and product pairing. In addition, more behind-the-counter functions such as store intranet access through a browser, recipe lookup, order entry and training videos reduce the need for additional PCs in all departments.

Up to Seven Different Printer Cassettes

Once a cassette is installed, the Uni-9 automatically detects correct label format settings, eliminating setup time when changing product. An optional liner-less cassette uses no backing paper, doubling the usable paper amount with less waste, keeping operations green and uninterrupted longer.

Technology Means Convenience

Network connectivity allows for remote scale management and updates. A frequent-seller feature determines popular items and strategically places them on the user’s screen for added convenience and efficiency. Operators will especially find the universal interface of the Uni-9 easy to navigate from any department.

Uni-9 Short Pole Scale/Pole Scale

The pole and short pole models’ low-profile base combined with larger display screens is optimal for keeping eye contact with customers and still providing an ergonomic setup for employees. The short pole model is for use on the countertop, providing a 12-inch display for customer view while offsetting an easy-to-use touchscreen display behind the counter. The pole scale model is used behind the counter, providing a raised customer display above the countertop.

Uni-9 RP Remote Platter

The Uni-9 RP is capable of weighing and wrapping nonstandard sizes and shapes when used in conjunction with a wrapping station. The Uni-9 RP is available in standard 30 lb capacity or optional 60 lb capacity. In addition to a larger capacity option, the Uni-9’s PC-based technology allows the scale base to communicate with PCs via Ethernet or Wi-Fi, providing optimal workspace flexibility.

Uni-9 Bench Scale

The Uni-9 bench scale is available with or without a seven-inch customer display and is ideal for both backroom and front counter operations. This Uni-9 model offers wireless remote operation allowing for more flexible placement of the scale.

Uni-9 Elevated Displays

The Uni-9’s eye-level displays ensure operator focus remains on the customer. Interacting with the touchscreen can be accomplished while maintaining customer eye contact. The screens are adjustable to almost any angle, while the printer and scale base are conveniently mounted at workstation-level.

Uni-9 Hanging Scale

The suspended ergonomic design of the Uni-9 hanging type follows quickly on the heels of the first color touchscreen hanging scale on the market, Ishida’s Uni-7 hanging scale. Ideal for seafood and other high-moisture foods, the suspended design keeps product away from the operator touchscreen, which resounds with a beep when buttons are pressed. Customers and employees alike will find the large 12-inch display easy to read and use.


  • Large color touchscreen (12 in)

  • Adjustable touchscreen viewing angle

  • Customer display can play video on either 12.1-inch (800×600) or 7-inch (800×480) screen, bench scale only

  • Dual-range weighing (0-15 lb x 0.005 lb, 15-30 lb x 0.01 lb)

  • Label printing: die-cut labels and/or continuous paper

  • Customizable label formats: 999

  • Up to seven label cassettes allow quick label changing or easy switching to different size labels

  • Intranet browsing capabilities for order entry, recipe lookup and more

  • PC-based scale operating system

  • Solid state drive eliminates moving parts

  • SD memory card slot

  • SSD memory 250 MB

  • 80 mm wide printing

  • Up to 150 mm/sec print speed

  • 2020 nutrition labeling

  • Configurable for different languages including Spanish, French and German

  • Fully compliant with RoHS regulations for a completely lead-free machine

  • Barcodes: EAN/UPC 8/12/13, ITF FS1, QR CODE, Databar/Limited/Expanded, CODE128, EAN128

  • Compatible with third-party communication software, including ADC’s InterScale, Invatron’s PLUM and Droste's PCScale Manager


Capacity (Dual Range):
0-15 x 0.005 lb, 15-30 x 0.01 lb
Print Speed:
 3.9/ 4.7/ 5.9 in/sec
(100/ 120/ 150 mm/sec) 
Label Size:
Width: 1.2-3.1 in (30-80 mm)
Length: 0.8-7.9 in (20-200 mm)
Operator side: 12 in (800 x 600) color touch panel
Uni-9DB: 8.4 in
Customer side: 7 in (800 x 480) or 
12 in (800 x 600) for bench, 12 in for 
other models
Type: Five-wire resistive

Display Items:
Tare: Four-digits
Unit price: Six-digits
Weight: Five-digits
Total price: Six-digits
SSD memory 250 MB
Static TCP/IP 1G Base T Ethernet 
(auto-duplex) Wireless WEP/WPA/WPA2
LAN 1 channel
USB 4 channel
SD 1 channel (SDHC: MAX 32 GB)
(for transaction data)

Operating Voltage: 
Range: 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Permissible Tolerance: +/- 10%
Operating Environment: 
32 to 104°F (0 to 40°C)
20-85% relative humidity
Power Supply:
AC100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption:
Stand-by: 50 W
In operation: 120 W
NTEP CC 12-121
UL listed
One-year limited warranty

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