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Defender® 3000 Stainless Steel

Defender® 3000 Stainless Steel

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The Defender 3000 Series of bench scales is ideal for general weighing and simple counting applications when working in a damp environment or when it is essential to thoroughly clean the scale. The Defender 3000 Series features a simple, yet rugged stainless steel design and NEMA 4X/IP65 stainless steel indicator with tactile keys, backlit LCD display, and built-in rechargeable battery operation.


  • The NEMA 4X/IP66 stainless steel indicator is built to endure tough industrial elements. The 58-hour rechargeable battery offers continuous operation for multi-day operations.

  • Durable construction with a 304 stainless steel platform, stainless steel tubular frame, column and indicator bracket, and IP67 stainless steel load cell.

  • Easy-to-read display & basic counting mode allow for simple operation for everyday basic industrial applications. Offered with NTEP/Measurement Canada or OIML/EC Type approvals (depending on region).



Weighing, Parts Counting


Backlit liquid crystal display (LCD)


Power cord (included) or rechargeable battery (included)


Easy access communication port with RS232 interface (included)


IP65 stainless steel indicator with hinged front cover and eye bolt mounting holes, stainless steel column and wall bracket, 304 grade stainless steel platform with steel tubular frame, IP67 stainless steel load cell

Design Features

125% overload protection

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