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Automated Ticketing Kiosks

Automated Ticketing Kiosks

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Rice Lake's line of Automated Ticketing Kiosks eliminates the need to hand-write a ticket for each weighment, giving your system the efficiency it needs to keep up with growing business.


Weigh Out/Printer Kiosk

  • 920i® HMI with sun shield

  • Six serial ports

  • 1 MB database memory

  • Two additional expansion slots

  • Slide door access to ticket

  • 8 in paper roll

  • Operator prompting

  • Formatable tickets

  • Transmits weight to remote display

  • Stop/Go remote display traffic light control

  • Direct thermal kiosk printer

Weigh/Check In Kiosk

  • 920i® HMI with sun shield

  • Four serial ports

  • 120 VAC

  • Two option slots for 920i option cards

Weigh Out/Printer Kiosk Options:

  • Ethernet TCP/IP (wired and WiFi options available)

  • Single or dual channel A/D cards

  • RFID reader

  • Currency accepter (U.S. currency only)

  • Internal heater

  • Gate control

  • Loop detector output

  • Automated traffic light control

Consult for the following options:

  • Stainless steel enclosure

  • Bar code badge scanner

  • 230 VAC


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