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Apollo Analytical Balances
GX-A/GF-A Series

Apollo Analytical Balances
GX-A/GF-A Series

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Improve productivity and efficiency of your workflows with the A&D Apollo lab balance’s user-friendly and innovative features, designed to provide reliable results across a range of environments and applications.


Optimize your analytical workflows effortlessly

The A&D Apollo’s unique features help automate your lab for efficient processes and accurate, error-free measurements.

  • Increase productivity with 1 second stabilization time using Smart SHS

  • Easily determine the minimum sample size to reduce waste and increase savings, plus alert users to ensure USP41 compliance

  • Simplify your daily precision check and SOPs with the standard deviation function

  • Set up repeatability testing and run automatic precision checks without external weights using Electronically Controlled Load (ECL) management

  • Reduce errors and damage with impact shock detection and overload protection

  • Streamline filling or dosing accuracy, plus eliminate external pumps and stopwatches with flow rate measurement

  • Eliminate static disturbance of samples with available fanless/touchless ionizer

Easy to setup and use, optimized for ergonomics

The user-friendly and intuitive features of the A&D Apollo analytical balance go beyond configurable units of measure, internal/external calibration options, and an easy to read display:

  • Six simple and straightforward keys

  • A quick toggle to change between USB and RS-232C communication

  • Easily level the balance (even with gloves on!) the illuminated, front mounted level


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