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A6600 Floor Scale

A6600 Floor Scale

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Durable, Lightweight Aluminum Resists Corrosion

The A6600 Floor Scale is constructed of high-strength, low-weight aluminum, and it resists corrosion commonly caused by air, water, and chemicals without the need for additional finishing. The raw aluminum surface is sanitary, clean, colorless, and non-staining and can be easily recycled. Lightweight platforms are easy to move, relocate, and drill/machine in the field when adding fixtures or unique commodity holders, and the design of the Aluminum Series is compatible with other PA Scale products.


  • 3″ nominal height design is compatible with all ramps and accessories from our MS and SS products

  • Bright diamond deck top surface: clean, sanitary, natural finish

  • Aluminum structure fully encloses wiring for easier handling and shipping

  • Four (4) single end shear beam load cells with standard plated leveling feet

  • 20′ home run cable to quick disconnect or hardwire

  • Free factory matching to any Pennsylvania Scale digital indicator, plug and play off the skid

  • Easy site modifications to accommodate tanks, hoppers, commodity holders

  • Performance equal to MS or SS units

  • Other sizes and capacities are available. Contact factory for quote.

  • Two-year limited warranty



  • Pallet Weighing or Parts Counting Systems

  • Shipping or Receiving Verifications

  • Drive-on / Drive-off Weighing

  • Food or Chemical Processing

  • Rental Scales for Short Term Use

  • Drum, Keg, or Barrel Weighing

  • Tank Scales or Batching Systems

  • Portable Counting or Weighing Stations


The parts and components of these Pennsylvania Scale Company products are warranted for two years from the date of retail delivery against defects in materials and workmanship, subject to the terms and conditions of our standard warranty.

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